Welcome! You've found the home of the Red Heron social movement! We're delighted to have you on board!

Reinventing Architecture

Some people build residential houses to lock out the world. We build emotional homes to safeguard against trauma.

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Join the growing campaign to revolutionize recovery from - and response to - traumatic events!

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Safety in numbers. Strength in Solidarity.

The Red Heron movement aims to address a fundamental disconnect in currently existing trauma recovery methods. We've long been pressured to create safe spaces for ourselves where we can recover from trauma and begin to heal ourselves, but most therapeutic approaches fail to consider that solid construction of a properly safe place takes time.

Just as construction workers put up temporary shelters from which to oversee large building projects, Red Heron aims to help trauma survivors find respite from which to build more permanent, enduring emotional structures.


Ever Evolving

As any proper revolution should, Red Heron stands on the strength of its members.

Trauma recovery is a very individual thing. In building a community around it, we aim to inspire others to . . . well, inspire others.

While we all must travel our own roads to safety, never doubt that the sights we see along the way can and do hearten those around us.

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