Which is your favorite Pokémon and why?
Yes, my personal favorite Cheap Shiny Pokemon is naturally Pikachu. I can hardly resist its cuteness. The starting pokemon on the main protagonist inside anime needed to be a fan favorite. It steals the show with its cute looks. Not so great in-game should you not evolve it right into a Raichu or have a light ball on Pikachu. But I love this pokemon and there is a reason many people enjoy it and is also a vehicle ambassador for your pokemon company.

Secondly, the best Pokémon is the fire-breathing dragon. If you like this kind of Pokémon, you can come to us to Buy Shiny Pokemon. The original fire type starter through the Kanto region, everyone loved this fire dragon (less than a dragon with all the typing) for its insane look plus the value it offers in pokemon games both in-game and competitive. It was further improved to greater heights through getting not one but two mega evolutions. Oh e-mail one of them got a dragon type finally.

Along with its good usage in-game, the anime makers ensured that this pokemon became a devotee favorite through both Ash's and Alain's Charizard. And we all just loved it!

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