Proposing Ideas for the Red Heron Blog

We're glad you're interested in sharing your experiences in a guest post.  To pitch your idea, please create a post in this forum outlining the things you'd like to discuss in your guest post.  Please be sure to include in this post the name you'd like us to display if your article gets the green light.

We are especially interested in:
  • stories of progress made with Red Heron concepts;
  • stories highlighting unexpected difficulties of life after trauma;
  • informative stories suggesting how non-traumatized people can help trauma survivors; and
  • unique experiences in recovery.
Even if your idea doesn't fit one of those categories, it will be considered equally.

If your pitch is accepted, the following steps will take place:

  1. An account will be created for you to use to draft your guest post, so it appears in our blog under your name.
  2. As and when you have time, you can draft and submit your post.   (We do not impose deadlines for writing approved guest posts.)
  3. Red Heron will edit the post for spelling, grammar, and clarity.  (We will never change the facts or ideas presented in your post.)
  4. If clarification is needed on a point raised in your submitted post, we will ask you for an edit.
  5. Red Heron will publish the edited version.
Red Heron makes no claim of ownership over the content of guest posts.  By writing and submitting to us, you give us consent to make formatting, spelling, and grammatical edits, and to display the content on our website in perpetuity.  However, you are also free to publish the same content elsewhere.  We do not ask for exclusivity.
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