Staff Intro: Dev

I'm Dev, one of Red Heron's founding architects and community managers.  I'm also the site's reigning queen of tech, so if something breaks, I'm your girl.  

I'm privileged to have been a part of the inception of the Red Heron concept, and to have seen it in action for the very first time.  As a survivor of childhood trauma, I immediately recognized the need for individualized responses to individual traumatic experiences, and having seen Red Heron ideals at work I'm thrilled to be part of the team.

So, what's to say about me...

I live in the United States.  My career history is in business management in one industry or another, though I was forced to leave work on medical disability several years ago.  I suffer from chronic debilitating migraines that can sometimes lay me flat for days at a stretch.  I spend all the time I can volunteering for this and another worthy cause: suicide prevention.  I've been involved in suicide prevention as a crisis counselor at one place or another for almost 20 years now.  My current focus in this area is the transgender community, for whom I run a social and crisis support website.

While I'm not much of an activist, I am very matter-of-fact about a few issues.  Mistreatment of children and animals will always get me involved, as will stigmatizing mental illness in any way.  I tend to take an educational approach where mental illness is concerned; not only have I worked with suicidal people for half my life, I also have bipolar disorder.  It took more than 15 years for someone to accurately diagnose and believe me, I'm religious about med compliance.

I've also been involved in online community management since the turn of the century.  If there's one lesson I've learned, it's that communities are only as strong as they allow their members to be.  

So on that note, welcome to Red Heron, and please don't hesitate to let me know what we can do better.
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