You honestly believe high rep stage players perspiration off their balls in the park?
I have 92% to Elite 3 and a 59% w played. Like most games which are worth any time that is actual, it's gonna it gets enjoyment suck. That has been 2K18 although Additionally, I used to suck. Even then my basketball knowledge carried me to a favorable document. By getting thrashed by people then me I just picked parts of their game I'd like to put into mine. I carry my team no matter what position I am playing since I know the mechanics of MT NBA 2K21. I hate playing with games I suck at although I get some ppl don't have any desire. Idk how anybody gets any enjoyment out of barely understanding how to perform and watching others do a lot of cool things.

You should not care about losing? In case don't get it, then losing is never enjoyable it really takes the pleasure out of NBA 2K21 should you keep losing. You're obviously playing to win, but if you lose a 2v2 park game which may take 5 minutes less than a month prior to another game comes out it is not the end of the world.this makes zero sense should 2K21 coming out within a month have to do with enjoying high repetitions who sweat their balls off every match of course I'm not likely to play with a top rep there is literally no ability to NBA 2K21. Anyone move screens around and can spam hesis but there's no fun to it at all. That's prolly why nobody plays you.

You honestly believe high rep stage players perspiration off their balls in the park? 95% of the time we are litterly currently trolling. Unless we encounter another squad of stage players, no self respecting stage player sweats off his balls in the playground. Facts. 90 percent of NBA 2K21s I play in park are simple ass wins. And that's not a thing that is fantastic, it boring at this point. NBA 2K21 wants matchmaking so it is possible to play at least decent comp most games without needing to go to Ante Up. It is comical that people in here think that playing iso or display ball at a high level is super easy though so they choose to not perform it just bc they"want to have fun" Need IQ to be in a position to do that shit well. Against bums like those whining tho, yeah, definitely takes no skill.

It's the same ppl whining about being hop stepped and get by slashers and phone it no ability (here is a sign, I got 38 3pt rating on my finisher and yet another shooting badge, if throw 3pts on your mind?) And don't realize it is the simplest thing to prevent. I rarely get contact or jump stepped me, if it can be certainly stopped by me why can't you? You do not see ppl in stage push a paint monster every possession because we know that it's horrible takes and will wind up in us missing the ball the majority. But park bums think that it's broken, yet when they try to do it they become blocked or miss the shot.

There's a reason they don't do this display spam in Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coinsleague guy, it is obnoxious as hell. I am Elite 2, nearly Elite 3 and even I get sick of that shit. I understand how to guard it when I am with homies, it's not hard to lock, simply absurd that people don't bother running actual plays instead of having a spot up lock7'3 290 paint monster / glass lock holding their B button for the entire game, with somebody spamming momentum's back and forth the entire game. Just like be first / creative ffs.
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