EdbMails IMAP Migration
EdbMails IMAP Email Migration made easy. Perform IMAP migration quickly and without hassle—lightweight desktop application. 
IMAP Migration highlights
Migrate IMAP emails to and from any IMAP enabled email platform. EdbMails application has minimal system requirements and supports all virtual environments. 
You can migrate emails from one IMAP server to another IMAP server, Office 365 and live Exchange server or export to PST.
It allows you to move only messages older than a particular date or between dates or migrate all messages.
Supports to apply subject filter and migrate the data accordingly.
Users can choose the folders from the source server to migrate only the required data to the target server.
Flag settings are preserved when messages are either archived or migrated. For example, if a message is marked as Seen or Answered, they will be marked as such after its migration.
The solution meets the IMAP migration requirements for all sized enterprises . Make the right choice today!  Download a Free Trial and verify the IMAP migration functionality. Extremely Fast & Simple. No restriction on the size of the mailboxes. 

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