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PayPal Login
When you make your mind up to investing your money in the cryptocurrency trading market, the first thing that you need to decide is which platform should you use to start your investment journey. And to make this crypto investment journey easier for you, if you have chosen crypto.com then you have probably made the right choice because it allows you to trade in almost 250 different crypto assets. By setting up your crypto.com log in account, you will be provided with a simple and interactive user interface allowing you to start trading on the go.
However, despite giving you so many feasible trading options, it still may give you technical glitches and account restrictions. So, if your account is also facing any kind of restrictions or is suspended due to any reason, then you need to take the necessary actions to get your crypto.com account to work again.
Well, before your account gets any kind of suspension or is terminated, then you'll be notified about the same. But, sometimes, your account may get restricted without any prior warning and they have no idea why they are not able to use their account. So, in that case, the first thing that you should try to know is the possible reasons leading to this issue.
Reasons why your crypto.com account login is not working
Well, your account may get terminated in different scenarios and it mostly happens when you violate any terms of use set by the platform. But, the most common reasons why you may not be able to access your account despite feeding the correct crypto.com log in credentials have been listed below:
  • Your account is recorded to have undergone some suspicious/fraudulent activities
  • If your account is seen to be involved in any kind of money laundering activity, then also you will face restrictions
  • Apart from this, if your account is involved in crowdfunding that too for completing any illegitimate purposes, then also your account may get suspended
In case you are unable to access your account even if you are entering the correct crypto.com log in credentials, then it is highly possible that you have committed any kind of mistake or have taken illegitimate actions through your account. Thus, in this scenario, what you can do is contact the crypto.com support team by emailing them your queries at contact@crypto.com. If they ask you for any information, then you need to provide the requested details in an apt manner.

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