A Note About Marijuana

There are many issues surrounding the topic of marijuana and our strict rule against encouraging illegal activity.  Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in some places, legal for medical use only in other places, fully illegal in yet other places, and in some cases all three conditions exist within the same country.  As a result of this, we've broken down our policy on talking about pot as follows:

  1. If you use it, we're not going to slap you for saying so, regardless of legality.
  2. If you suggest someone else use it, you must explicitly tell them they should only do so if they can obtain it legally.
  3. If you've been told it's illegal for someone to obtain it and you tell them to go for it anyway, that will be considered a rule violation.
  4. Broad discussion of the general medical effects of marijuana is completely fine, regardless of whether you can obtain it legally.
  5. Going on at length about how much you love being stoned, regardless of whether you can do it legally, is something nobody wants to see.  Don't do this.
If you have questions about these guidelines, please ask in the comments to this thread and someone will jump in to answer.
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