Viagra, Cialis and Levitra: Which one is the best?
Viagra is the generic name for sildenafil. Cialis is for tadalafil. Levitra is for vardenafil. Stendra is for avanafil.

All drugs work in the same way.

All of them are PDE5 inhibitors. They relax muscles and increase blood circulation.

This makes it easier for blood to get into the penis, and it allows people with 6 hoursTrusted Source.

Interactions and side effects
Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all come from the same chemical class and have similar side effects.

Manufacturers recommend that you do not take PDE5 inhibitors together with grapefruit or grapefruit juice. This is because the fruit can affect the drug's effectiveness. These drugs can also interact with nitrates, so it is important to avoid using them together.

However, there are side effects that can be caused by certain drugs.

Side effects include:

color blindness
Blurred vision
Warnings and interactions

Interactions between Viagra and other drugs can occur. It is important to be aware of these interactions before you take any medication for ED. Viagra may interact with drugs that treat pulmonary hypertension. Viagra may interact with drugs for pulmonary hypertension.

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