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cheap Animal Shaped - astao194 - 11-18-2019

classification: pet treats/dog snack
Internal model: SWT1049
Usage: Dog feeding
color: red/brown/white/yellow
flavor: beef/bacon/cheese/chicken
size: 5-7cm
weight: 28-32g/piece
Material: Starch
Packing: OEM/Carton/PE bag/Color bag/Bulk
Certificate: BSCI,ISO22000,FDA,SGS.
MOQ: 500 KG
Ingredients: Our pet treats are made of all natural pea starch, sweet potato starch, glycerin, Vegetable oil, Calcium Carbonate, natural color, alfalfa extract, etc
Product basic functions: Satisfied with dog’s chewing natural, Supplementing other nutrient needs of dogs daily.
● Low fat.
● Grain-Free, Gluten-free, Sugar-Free.
● Non-chemical chewing products for dogs.
● Add trace elements, strengthen the bones, freshen breath.
● Get rid of plaque, keep teeth and gums strong.
● add linoleic acid to make it shiny.
● add moderate fibrin to help the stomach Animal Shaped