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Broadband AR Film - astao194 - 11-18-2019

BBAR Broadband anti-reflection film
Surfaces for lenses, prisms, windows, fibers, etc. used in optical instruments eliminate surface reflections, glare, and increase the transmittance of light.
1.the product introduction
Broadband anti-reflection film, also known as broadband anti-reflection film, BBAR film, its main function is to reduce or eliminate the reflected light of optical surfaces such as lenses, prisms, plane mirrors, optical fibers, etc., thereby increasing the light transmission of these components, reducing or eliminating the system's Stray light.
2.the broadband anti-reflection film BBAR curve: (you can fill in the demand table at the end of the text to tell us that you want the product)
Visible  reflection film 400-700nm BBAR reflectance curve
(after  24 times magnification)
UV BBAR transmittance curve
UV  BBAR reflectance curve
(after 24 times magnification)
4.the company's strength
Kingki has long been responsible for the research and production of military optical coatings. The chief engineer has more than 40 years of military optical coating experience, and has 33 national authorized patents. Nine optical film systems have won the People's Republic of China Science and Technology Progress Award.
Kingki has a high-end factory building of 4,000 square meters, 13 sets of advanced coating machines and complete test equipment, with the ability to mass produce high-end optical filters.
Kingki's wide range of products, excellent performance, high quality and low price, prompt delivery
5.Demand table
Antireflection film
It is useful to consider an admittance plot for a two-layer coating, which can be a great help in visualizing performance. The plot consist of two cir- cles, the first corresponding to the low-index layer y1 that passes through the point (y0, 0) if the reflectance is to be zero and that must, therefore, also passBroadband AR Film